“The Week that Led to Easter” Tells the Story

The Week that Led to Easter

Ideal for younger children, “The Week that Led to Easter” remind us and helps us teach our children the meaning of Easter and the importance of the holiday.

Surely, our kids love the Easter Bunny, Easter baskets, and hunting for eggs.  But, we want to teach them the real meaning of the holiday and why we celebrate it.  At a young age, our kids are ready to learn the story of Easter.  What better way than with this little book that explains it in ways we cannot.

Beginning with Palm Sunday, the book takes us through the week that led to the miracle of Easter.  (Matthew 21:1-28:10; Mark 11:1-16-8; Luke 19:29-24:12; John 12:12-20:10)

The children will enjoy the way the story rhymes.  Of course, the simplicity of the rhyming story will help them remember it for years to come.

This is an ideal Easter basket filler or a gift from parents or grandparents that will have meaning for years to come.  Easter baskets will come and go, but the story of the miracle will become a part of the child’s life forever.



 “The Story of the Empty Tomb”

Finish the Easter story with “The Story of the Empty Tomb”.  Both books are by the same company and designed for this one to follow the first.

Again, the rhyming lines will help the children remember the story.

Both books are appropriate for ages 5 and up.

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