Talking Easter Eggs Help Toddlers Hunt Eggs

talking Easter eggs

What could be more fun for the little ones and adults alike?  Talking Easter Eggs!

These little eggs are the ideal way to introduce the youngsters to the egg hunt.  With eggs that talk the kids will be sure to find them.  Moms and Dads will have fun watching the little ones run to find the talking eggs.

We all know that our toddlers and even those who are pre-school age may have trouble (or lose interest) while hunting for Easter eggs.  They can often become frustrated as they look with little success.  Hide a few of these eggs within earshot and the children will smile as they pick up the talking egg.



Please note that these are toys, and contain electronic components.

Even more pleasing is that each of these little eggs is actually large enough to hide a surprise for the lucky child who finds it.  Perhaps that is the most fun.  What little one will not be thrilled to have an egg talk to him or her as it is discovered!  What little one will not be even more thrilled to find a surprise inside!

By the way, the batteries are included.  No work for the Easter Bunny except putting a little surprise inside and hiding the eggs.

Of course, another use for these fun sized talking Easter eggs is for the Bunny to put one or two in the Easter basket that he leaves on Easter Eve.  Imagine the fun the parents will have when the toddler realizes that the egg is doing the talking.  Get the cameras ready!  This will be one of those experiences that parents will cherish and that kids will grow up to laugh at.  Of course, in the teenage years the kids will be embarrassed if the parents caught them as toddlers talking to an Easter egg.  (Parents, do not miss this opportunity.)


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