Sesame Street Soft and Shaggy Plush Elmo 14″

Sesame Street's Plush ElmoNeed a few Easter basket ideas for kids?  Why not start with something the youngster is sure to recognize?  ELMO!  For the younger child, the Elmo Easter basket may be preferable.  For the little ones (age 3 and older) this 14″ soft and shaggy plush Elmo may be the ideal Easter basket filler.

Of course, kids expect chocolate!  But, why not create the basket with a couple of Easter eggs, chocolate or creme filled, using a plush stuffed Elmo as the focal point.  Elmo will last longer than the chocolates and will be more enjoyed over time.

Selecting from any of the softer, plush stuffed animals or figures is a better choice for the young ones than overloading them with chocolates.

Again, for the child who is over 3 years of age, this shaggy Elmo makes a perfect filler — guaranteed to bring a smile to the toddler’s face.


When starting with Elmo, there are so many options available.  Browse our complete selection of Elmo baskets, toys, and stuffed plush Elmo dolls.



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