Put the Baskets to Good Use After the Holiday

All those Easter baskets the Easter Bunny left for the kids can be used for many things when Easter is over.

In fact, one now grown child has all 18 of her Easter baskets.  Her parents…well, the Easter Bunny… made wise choices when he brought the baskets each year.  The Easter Bunny brought good quality baskets that the young woman used in her bedroom.  One has a collection of earrings hanging from the handle and matching necklaces in the basket.  Others have boyfriend keepsakes and still others have items that are treasured by the girl, including a couple of stuffed Easter bunnies.

One father put a pair of ears on his infant, placed the baby in the basket (well propped up, of course) and took the best picture the family has of the infant.  The picture was so appreciated that he enlarged the photo, printed it out on photo paper, had it framed and gave it to Mom and Grandma for Mother’s Day.  Nothing like thinking ahead!

One parent confiscated the kids’ Easter baskets and put balls of yarn in them.  Today they are sitting on the floor as a nice decorative piece and ready for Mom to begin knitting or crocheting.

Another mother and her children refilled their Easter baskets with baked goods and distributed them to older people in the neighborhood, the ones who have outgrown the Easter bunny.

So, rather than put the Easter baskets on the trash pile, recycle.  Put them to good use.  When you are through with them, there is always someone who will appreciate them.  Teach the kids the value of giving and recycling.

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