Premade Spiderman Easter Basket of Gifts

premade Spiderman gift basket


Pre-made Spiderman Easter Basket

Talk about making a little boy’s dreams come true!  This pre-made Spiderman Easter basket is a perfect gift from the Easter Bunny who lives too far away to visit in person.

The Spiderman series became popular again a few years ago when the first new and updated Spiderman movie was made.  Upon seeing Spidey climb the side of buildings with his webs holding him secure, many of our little Spiderman wannabes have dreamed of having Spidey’s tools.

This is the opportunity for Grandma or Grandpa Easter Bunny to fulfill the wish.  The basket is not designed for toddlers.  With small parts, this basket is probably best for boys (or girls) 5 and up.

The basket includes:

Spiderman puzzle

Spiderman water game

Spiderman activity book

Spiderman journal

Spiderman poster art

Spiderman finger paint

Spiderman wrist band

Spiderman canteen

Spiderman domino game

Spiderman light up yo yo

All items are arranged in a Polk a dot basket 12×7.5×4.5 gift box, decorated with colorful bows and ribbons.

A card with your personal note will be enclosed.

Originally designed as a Christmas basket, there is nothing included that links it solely to the Christmas holiday.  With the compact design, and well filled basket this will make a great Easter Bunny gift.


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