Pre-Made Toy Story Gift Bucket

Toy Story Bucket Filled


Toy Story has lost none of its appeal over the years.  Kids still love Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear.  This is an especially wonderful gift for the Toy Story fan because it includes so many of the fun things kids love.  Already filled to the brim, this is a particularly good Easter Bucket gift from grandparents.  The seller originally listed this item as a get well item or a happy birthday gift, but we have found that Toy Story fans really appreciate this on Easter.




With so many items included, it is suggested that the bucket be used for children age 5 and up.  The bucket can be used as an Easter basket for the little boy, if he so chooses.  After all, Easter buckets have been trending each year.

Because this is a pre-made Toy Story bucket, this is the perfect gift from someone who lives a distance from the child and needs to have it delivered without all the fuss and muss of creating it himself or herself.


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