Plush Mickey Mouse Easter Basket

Mickey Mouse Easter Basket


What toddler doesn’t love Mickey?  For the youngster that is fascinated with the famous mouse, selecting the plush Mickey Mouse Easter basket will certainly bring a smile to the face.

Mickey is a little over 9″ in diameter and about 7″ tall, making it large enough for the little one to fill with Easter eggs while on the egg hunt.  Of course, the Easter Bunny should have no problems filling the basket with all sorts of chocolate goodies and maybe a toy or two.

The most important thing to remember when buying a basket for the toddler is that the basket is soft enough for them to run with — always aware that toddlers may take a tumble.

After the holiday Mickey can be used again and again to hold precious treasures belonging to the youngster or as a carry all when the toddler goes out.  The uses are endless as long as the child loves Mickey.



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