10 Top Choices of Plush Bunnies for All Ages

plush bunnies for EasterWhen considering what to put in an Easter basket for kids, there are few who would turn away from our selection of plush bunnies.  We have selected stuffed and soft bunnies that will fit any age group, from the baby who is celebrating his or her first Easter to the toddler who would love a bunny to snuggle with at night all the way to the teenager who would display the cuddly rabbit on her bed.

Our selections are quality plush bunnies that will be sure to delight.  Often the Easter Bunny will bring a stuffed icon of himself.  But, even more often grandparents and aunts and uncles would like to add to the Easter fun.  A soft plush Easter rabbit is the way to go.

Some of our selections are perfect just the way they are.  Others can have a bow added to complement the color of the child’s bedroom.  The bottom two selections are perfect for our Alice in Wonderland theme.

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Things to Consider When Selecting Plush Bunnies for Kids

You have seen our selections.  However, while browsing through our favorites there are a few things to consider such as the age of the child or person who will receive the rabbit, the eyes of the toy and of course, the quality.

We believe all our selections are top quality.  The depth of the “fur” is one thing to consider when making a selection.  While every Easter Bunny wants to show off his thick coat of fur, it is important to remember that the very youngest children will have a tendency to put the bunny in his or her mouth.  Longer “fur” could create a choking hazard.

The eyes are always important, especially for those children under the age of three.  Eyes that are attached and may come loose can cause a choking hazard and should be avoided.  There are plenty of plush bunnies that can be purchased that have sewn eyes.  No matter how cute the item, the first thing to remember is to make Easter and the days following safe for the young ones.


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