Playskool Toy Story 3 Classic Mr. Potato Head

What a classic toy to add to Easter baskets for kids! Kids love Mr. Potato Head.  Moms and dads love Mr. Potato Head.  And, grandparents love him, too.  We have all had our fun putting his nose where the ear should be or putting his mouth where an eye should go.

In addition to the fun generated by this toy, it is a wonderful opportunity for kids to figure out faces.  However, with so many small parts, this toy is not recommended for kids younger than 3.  The box suggests age 2 and older, but with small pieces and the choking hazard, shop wisely for the little ones.

Product Features

  • Hollywood has never seen a spud stud like this before
  • Modeled after his character in the Toy Story movie, this Classic Mr.Potato Head
  • This figure comes with all of the accessories that helped make him a wild and wacky star
  • Accessories: a pair of glasses, 1 derby hat, 2 ears, 1 pair of shoes, 1 set of teeth, 2 noses
  • Other Accessories: 1 set of eyebrows, 1 tongue, 1 mustache, 2 arms and 2 pair of eyes
  • And when you are done, you can even put all of his accessories in his Tater Tush storage compartment
  • Put his tongue where an ear should be, no matter what you do, he’s still the same love-able tater

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