Pink Plush Hello Kitty Easter Basket

Plush Hello Kitty Easter Basket


A Beautiful Plush Hello Kitty Easter Basket

This pretty pink plush Hello Kitty Easter basket is so soft that even the youngest toddler will fall in love with it.

One of the things that most of us have forgotten about “Hello Kitty” is that she really began as a character in Japan and her “real name” or official “full name” is Kitty White.  While most of what we see and think of as “Hello Kitty” is Kitty White, “Hello Kitty” actually refers to Kitty’s whole family of characters.  While Kitty White may have found her origins in Japan, she was officially born on November 1, in London, England.

Kitty has a twin sister Mimmy and the only way to tell them apart is that Kitty wears her bow over her left ear and Mimmy wears hers over the right ear.  Well, there is a lot to the “Hello Kitty” story and for the little one it could be a good time to look for one of Kitty’s stories to help fill the Easter basket.




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