Chocolate Easter Bunny Lollipop for Easter Baskets for Kids

Kids getting chocolate all over their hands?  Why not add a chocolate Easter Bunny lollipop to the Easter baskets for kids and maybe for adults too?

The 1.5 ounce Easter bunny lollipop in milk chocolate is ideal for kids’ Easter baskets.  Follow the link for purchase price.  Add a few of these handmade bunnies to make any child smile.

The Easter bunny on a lollipop stick comes wrapped in cellophane with a pretty colorful bow.  Not only does this add the wonderful taste of milk chocolate to Easter baskets for kids, it adds color and stays safely wrapped until the child is ready to indulge.

These little lollipops are inexpensive and a great way to decorate for the kids’ Easter party or to give as gifts at the Easter egg hunt.  When little ones are involved, they may love hunting for colorful Easter eggs but when the time comes to enjoy the rewards of a hunt, nothing does it better than a milk chocolate Easter Bunny lollipop.  Parents will appreciate it, too.  With the chocolate on a stick, chances are the kids will stay a little cleaner.  After all, chocolate will melt in their hands but the addition of the stick may be the saving grace.


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