Mater and the Easter Buggy

Mater and the Easter Buggy


Mater and the Easter Buggy will bring a smile to the face of our little car lover. If you have little ones who loved “Cars” and “Cars 2”, they will welcome Easter in Radiator Springs.  Mater is waiting for the Easter Buggy to bring lug nuts to fill the empty tire, but Lightning McQueen is worried that the Easter Buggy won’t bring the bolts and lug nuts Mater is hoping for.  The story, of course, has a happy ending but will keep the young imagination stirring until the very end.

This is one of the best gifts for the “Cars” fans as it keeps the story alive and ties it into the Easter holiday as few items will.

Add this as a Lightning McQueen Easter basket accessory and the youngster will enjoy his Easter egg hunt and his Mater and the Easter Buggy story as he nods off to sleep.

A well designed picture book.  Available in Hard Cover or Kindle formatted.


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