Ladybug Easter Basket

ladybug easter basket



What a cute ladybug Easter basket!  Soft, plush and ready to be filled with special goodies from the Easter Bunny or maybe ready for the big Easter egg hunt.

Many parents decorated the baby’s nursery with a ladybug theme.  Carry the theme through to the holiday with this cute little basket.  After the holiday the little one can use the plush basket in her nursery or toddler’s bedroom.  This is a unique way to add a little accessory piece to the bedroom while introducing it to the child.

Safety is always a concern, so parents should be aware that the eyes are beads and if torn off the basket could become a choking hazard.  Parents should make sure the bead eyes are securely attached if this basket is purchased.

Yet Another Plush Ladybug Easter Basket

another ladybug easter basket





Yet another little ladybug Easter basket!  The basket is NOT filled.  The candy is included only to indicate the possibility of uses.

The basket appears to have no choking hazards.

As with the other offerings, this basket has a place long after Easter has passed.

Both of the baskets shown above are soft and ready for the filler.  Many special Easter Bunnies prefer to select the exact fillers for the precious children, because who knows better what the little one likes than his or her personal Easter Bunny?

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