Happy Easter

Whether you are looking for pre-made Easter baskets for kids or are looking for the season’s best Easter basket stuffings, we have selected our all time favorites with a special emphasis on Baby’s First Easter and soft and safe baskets for Toddlers.

If you are looking for more than the traditional candy to fill the baskets, take a look at our suggestions for basket fillers for the kids.  We have selected fillers for girls, for boys, for teens and even adults.  Yes!  There is a kid in all of us.

Easter BunnyWondering how Easter baskets became a tradition?  What about the Easter Bunny?  We have answers for many of the questions the little one’s ask — and most of us can’t answer.  Don’t worry.  We did the research on many of the traditions and can provide some of the answers.

Of course, Easter isn’t just about Easter eggs and Easter Bunnies.  There is the real meaning of the Easter holiday that we want to share with the young ones.  We have selected several Easter stories designed for the younger children Easter crossto help the learn the real meaning of the holiday.  Be sure to browse the section on the Christian meaning of the holiday.

Children can learn much during the Easter season.  The most important thing is to learn the true meaning of the holiday.  But, adding a little fun with baskets filled with goodies and toys will bring a smile to their faces.  It is also a good time of year to teach even the youngest of toddlers the joy of giving and helping others.  For that reason we have added a special section on gifts of older adults and the less fortunate.

Regardless of how you and your family celebrate the joy of Easter, Easter Baskets for Kids strives to make our choices of gifts, baskets, toys, and books a great place to get ideas for the holiday season and browse our selection of safe and meaningful gifts for kids of all ages.