Hello Kitty Beanie Babies to Stuff Easter Baskets

Beanie Babies may have lost some of their luster over the years, but they still have great value for the kids who love everything “Hello Kitty”.  In fact, the Hello Kitty Beanie Babies have become a favorite among young girls.  As a filler for Easter baskets for kids there are few cuter things to include.

Several years ago, mothers and grandmothers stood in lines or bargained online for Ty Beanie Babies, paying from the original price of less than $10.00 to occasionally thousands of dollars for a single beanie baby.  Almost overnight they became collectibles.  No one seemed immune to the Beanie Baby bug.

Whether a collector or a parent or grandparent — or an Easter Bunny — one of the Hello Kitty Beanie Babies for Easter below will bring a smile to the face of someone.

We have selected three “Hello Kitty” Easter Beanie Babies.  I wish we could say more.  It is “Hello Kitty” combined with Beanie Babies.  They all make lasting memories.   Select one or select all three.  Someone will appreciate you or the Easter Bunny.

Three Hello Kitty Beanie Babies for Easter

pink hello kitty beanie babiesWho could have dressed a Beanie Baby any better?  The pink bunny suit covers this unique little Beanie Baby.  What could be cuter?  Nothing we can think of.

Parents who enjoy dressing the baby in her first bunny costume for her first Easter will love this pink suited little bunny, a perfect match for the baby in pink.  While the little one may not remember the day, having a beanie baby dressed as she was — and of course, a picture of the two together will create a smile and a lasting memory for mom, grandma, and the child.




The pink Ty Hello Kitty Beanie Baby is adorned in a pink jumper with green top.  For those who enjoy pink and green as their favorite colors in combination, this is the Beanie Baby for Easter.



The yellow jumper sets this Hello Kitty Beanie Baby apart for Easter.  Let’s face it, the ears make this kitty into a great bunny.

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