GUND Pink Plush Easter Bunny Basket

gund pink plush easter bunny basket

GUND Pink Plush Easter Bunny Basket:

  • 8 inches tall,
  • surface washable
  • bunny is sewn into the basket and cannot be removed

When looking for something for the little girl, what could be cuter than this GUND pink plush Easter Bunny basket? The bunny is sewn into the basket, so it cannot be removed. This makes it ideal for the first time the little one is out for an egg hunt, but not quite old enough to do the egg hunt.

GUND has been making plush items since 1898 and have become known for products parents (and grandparents) can trust.

The basket is surface washable, soft, with two handles. It is easy to care for and easy to handle. Ideal for the toddler who wants to carry her basket, but is too young to hunt for eggs.


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