First Easter

“My First Easter” is one to celebrate! In keeping with the holiday, it is a time to celebrate birth and rebirth. Easter is the perfect time to create memories that will last forever — for the new parents or the baby.

When considering the first Easter gifts, it is important to consider that a baby's first year is full of changes.  If this is a newborn's first Easter, a baby blanket or a hat and booties could be a good choice.  If the baby is a few months old, he or she may be captivated by an Easter rattle.  Of course, the "My First Easter" basket is always a great selection. 

While some of "My First Easter" selections are more likely to last than others, I have found that many mothers cherish those little things --- the bunny booties, the "My First Easter" rattle, or a first Easter basket. And decades later, when the newborn has grown up and has children of his (or her) own or grandchildren, he will treasure more than ever the little memories his mother saved for him from his first Easter.

If there has ever been a holiday to rejoice new life, Easter is it.