Easter Egg Carousel for Decorating and Displaying Eggs

One of the most fun activities, other than filling the Easter baskets for kids with found eggs, is the time the young one spend in the kitchen with the family decorating the boiled eggs.  The Easter egg carousel is a great way to display the decorated eggs, but it is also a wonderful way to let the eggs dry after coloring.  The kids are bound to see that the top of the carousel has ears! — Just like the Easter Bunny!

Easter egg carousel



The carousel turns 360 degrees — all the way around.  It holds 24 extra large decorated eggs.  The Easter bunny carousel is 12″ tall and 7.5″ in diameter.

It is easy enough to see the value of the Easter egg carousel for drying decorated Easter eggs and displaying them.  But, another use for the carousel is to fill it with chocolate eggs wrapped in foil.  Wrapped chocolate eggs are easily found during the Easter season.  One of my neighbors has three of the carousels that she first uses with the little ones for decorating eggs and during the big Easter egg hunt displays wrapped chocolate eggs — prizes for those who finish the hunt with an egg in their baskets.


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