Create the Easter Setting with Easter Bunny Salt and Pepper Set


Can’t think of an Easter basket filler for the adult?  Even the kids will enjoy this Easter Bunny Salt and Pepper Set during the family dinner.

Easter is a very special day for many of us.  Easter dinner is a time for the family to gather round the table and share thanks for all they have received.  Why not add this adorable and affordable bunny rabbit salt and pepper set.  Two bunnies, one for salt and the other for pepper, making it easier than ever and perhaps more fun than ever to pass the condiments.

This set is so cute that it could become the breakfast table staple, ideal for use throughout the year.

We all have problems trying to come up with something appropriate for our parents and grandparents for Easter.  Grandparents and older parents will enjoy the set.  The kids will love it.  This is truly a simple little Easter gift that everyone in the family can use and enjoy every time they take a seat at the dining table.

If you need to mail the present to a family member, the set comes in a gift box.  There is nothing left to do.



Another Easter Bunny Salt and Pepper Set

easter bunny salt and pepper set

If the first set of Easter bunny shakers doesn’t suit your fancy, maybe this one will.  This is a set that is so cute that it can easily be used all year long.  Lots of kitchens are now decorated with roosters and chickens.

Add to the decor by complementing it with this cute — and affordable — set.



Why not solve your Easter gift ideas for your entire family — couples, brothers and sisters-in-law, sisters and brothers-in-law, parents, in-laws, grandparents?  Everyone can use and enjoy one of these salt and pepper shaker sets.

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