Easter Buckets for Kids?

An Easter basket doesn’t have to be a basket.  Why not make it an Easter bucket?

Younger children who love to play in the yard, especially if you live near a beach or have sandy soil, will enjoy an Easter bucket rather than a basket.

Easter bucket

Small children have little use for a basket after the holidays are over.  But, they love to play in the sand during the summer months.  The Easter bunny, if she is a little bit creative, can either purchase the basket already painted with an Easter motif or she can use stencils to create the picture perfect bucket.

The yellow Easter bucket with the bunnies along the side is pre-made and ready to be filled.




Let’s face it, any old bucket will do if the child is going to decorate it.  If the bucket is unpainted, a good spray paint designed for painting on metal will make the background.  Either use stencils or just grab the paint brushes and begin.  The bunnies on the bucket… or the Easter eggs… do not have to be perfect.  Children are more interested in the bucket than the decorations.

Once the bucket is painted to the Easter Bunny’s approval, just fill the bottom with some Easter grass purchased from any discount store or shred some newspaper for bottom filler.  The rest is up to the Easter bunny.

Decals on filled Easter bucket

Decals on filled Easter bucket

Depending on the age of the child, the Easter Bunny can fill the bucket with chocolate eggs.  Perhaps a big chocolate bunny would be a treat.  Just fill the bucket to suit the child’s dreams.

One of the best ideas is to purchase a plain bucket and as a home project the month before Easter, have the child help design the bucket.  Decals work wonderfully well for those kids who don’t want to paint.  Other children may want to paint their bucket with designs from imagination.

The child can set the bucket out on Easter Eve, just as stockings are hung on Christmas Eve, and on Easter morning awaken to the gifts an goodies deposited in the bucket by the Easter Bunny.

Who knows?  Maybe the child will leave a glass of milk and a couple of cookies out for the Easter Bunny this year.


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