Easter Beagle Paper Cut Outs

easter beagle paper cut outs

Snoopy is the Easter Beagle

The Snoopy Easter beagle will bring a smile to little faces. For the Charlie Brown and Peanuts fans, what is a better way to decorate than with the Snoopy paper cut outs?

For the Easter Bunny that is setting the Peanuts theme for the Easter season, decorating with Snoopy sleeping on an Easter egg is the way to go.  The Easter beagle paper cut outs include:

  • Cut out pieces are perfect for decorating bulletin boards, windows, bedrooms, and hallways
  • Set includes 12 cut outs of each design, for a total of 36 pieces
  • Each cut out measures 5.5-inches by 5.5-inches
  • Officially licensed Peanuts characters
  • From Eureka, a line that has brought education and inspiration together for over 60 years

I suggest these Easter beagle paper cut outs as a way to set the theme for the holiday, especially for younger children who will let their imaginations run free — as Snoopy sleeps.  The older children can help with the decorating.  In other words, this simple and expensive set of 36 cut outs is a way to not only set the theme for the holiday but to bring the family together as they prepare for the big day.




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