Easter Baskets

Easter Baskets are the special gift from the Easter Bunny — or from Grandma or Grandpa.  Whether the Easter Bunny delivers a pre-made Easter basket or creates one, we have selected our favorites for the year.

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Children look forward to Easter with much the same anticipation as Christmas with one exception.  The Easter Bunny is somewhat constrained by putting all the goodies in a basket.

For years and years, chocolate bunnies and creme filled chocolate eggs were the fare of the day. Now, Easter bunnies everywhere have realized that a little chocolate goes a long way. Many gift baskets now include small toys and plush stuffed animals.

We have made it our ambition to find the best Easter baskets possible, some are pre-made and ready for shipping to the little egg hunter while others are soft plush "baskets" designed with the toddler in mind.

We check this site daily during the Easter holiday season to make sure the Easter Bunny has not run out of a specific basket.  We add new baskets as we find them. However, during the course of a day one basket may sell out and not be replenished for several days or until next season. Although a basket may be sold out today if we anticipate the stock being replenished within a few days we do not delete it from our site.  You are encouraged to shop early and visit this site often during the Easter holiday shopping season.

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