For Toddlers

Easter baskets for toddlers are very special because toddlers are young enough to be enchanted by the basket as well as its contents. Even toddlers have favorite characters, mostly from television cartoons or movies they have seen with parents. We have diligently looked for baskets designed with the toddler in mind.

We have selected soft or plush baskets for our youngest egg hunters because of the need for safety while still looking for fun characters that will attract and hold the attention of the toddler.

As a cautionary note, parents (Easter Bunnies) should carefully consider the basket he or she selects.  I have tried to select baskets that appear to be safe, but much depends on the child's age.  Look for choking hazards and small parts on baskets and make the determination based on the age of your toddler. 

Our selections come from a variety of classic characters and from some of the newer cartoon characters.  With so many selections Easter Bunnies can select a theme for the Easter basket and fill it with theme appropriate goodies.