Papier Mache Eggs Replace Boiled Eggs in Easter Baskets

Let’s have a reality check!  Kids do not want an Easter basket filled with boiled eggs, even if they found them all during an Easter egg hunt.  Besides, how many boiled eggs can a kid eat?

Do something different this year.  Create colorful eggs made of papier maché.  The kids can help.  They will enjoy nothing more than making eggs from paper mache (its fun and easy), painting them in brilliant colors and looking for them after they are hidden.

One of the things we love to do for the neighborhood kids is to create lots of papier mache eggs and writing (painting) on them such things as “Chocolate Bunny” or “Chocolate Egg.” When the kids find them, they are not stuck with dozens of boiled eggs.  They get to trade in the papier mache eggs for a “chocolate bunny” or a “chocolate egg.”  If the kids help create the papier mache eggs, take them to the store to select the candy or treats they want to trade for after the hunt.  They will enjoy making the “eggs” especially if they know they can trade them for something sweet.

Do not panic.  We also label the papier mache eggs with other little gift ideas.  After the Easter egg hunt, the kids get to trade in their found eggs for whatever is written on the egg.

Creating papier mache eggs is a great way to keep the kids occupied in the month leading up to Easter.  It is usually too cold for them to be outside playing anyway.  It keeps the kids busy.  It gives the kids the opportunity to be creative.  And, the kids will enjoy the activity, especially if a couple of families get together to make the eggs.

Get involved.  Make the holidays a fun family experience.  The kids will appreciate it and so will you.

How To Make Papier Maché Easter Eggs

Just in case you are in the mood for a little fun, why not make papier maché Easter eggs with the kids?

All you need:

  • Small balloons
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Small bowl of water
  • Newspaper or other thin porous paper

What to do:

  • Blow up the balloons to the size of the Easter egg you want to make.
  • Tear or cut the paper into small pieces 1″ – 2″
  • Mix Elmer’s Glue with water in bowl until the water is milky looking and sticks to the balloon
  • Dip the paper into the glue mixture until saturated.
  • Slide the paper across the inflated balloon and smooth it out on the balloon surface.
  • DO NOT worry if the paper comes apart.  Keep it smooth and cover it up with the next piece of paper.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Cut the tied off end of the balloon and paper over the hole.
  • Once completely dried, let the kids paint the Easter eggs to their satisfaction.

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