Easter Baskets as a Teaching Tool

Children love to give.  A terrific teaching tool is to purchase several empty baskets with handles, a bag or two of paper grass.  Boil some eggs and let the kids paint them or dye them.  It will be fun for your kids, as they create specially designed brightly colored eggs with their own artwork on them.

One tradition that has brought joy to many families over the years is to have the kids “build” Easter baskets for others.  There are many less fortunate children in every city and town that are overlooked by the Easter bunny each year.  Teach your children that giving is better than getting.  Have them prepare Easter baskets for those who otherwise would not be visited by the Easter bunny.

There are organizations that hold special Easter egg hunts and parties for children who otherwise would not enjoy Easter in the tradition of rebirth and hope.  Children of all ages enjoy creating special Easter baskets for those who otherwise would not receive one.

There are people in nursing homes who have been long forgotten by family and friend.  Let your children create Easter baskets for the older people.  Perhaps, toiletries and small necessities can be added to the contents of the baskets.  Most nursing homes will give a list of acceptable items.  Let your children personalize the eggs and personalize the contents.  What a delight it would be for children dressed as mini-Easter bunnies to deliver Easter baskets to patients in a nursing home.

Some nursing homes will allow you to hand out empty Easter baskets to their more mobile patients and organize an Easter egg hunt within a recreation room.  Think of the joy your children will have as they hide the Easter eggs they painted or dyed and then as they watch senior citizens scurry about attempting to fill Easter baskets.

Whether the choice is to prepare Easter baskets for youngsters who otherwise would not have one or to bring a little light into the lives of older forgotten patients, the gift of an Easter basket is one way to teach your children about the value of community service.  Who would have thought an Easter basket could play such a big part in teaching personal values?

The spirit of Easter is all about hope and the future.  It is all about sharing and giving.  What better experience for youngsters than creating Easter baskets for others.

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