Creating a Family Tradition With Homemade and Personal Baskets

Whatever the age of the children in the family, this year is the time to start a family tradition.  For years the Christmas holiday has been punctuated by an annual ornament given to each child or family member to hang on the decorated tree.  This year is the year to begin a new tradition marking one of the most important holidays in the Christian religion.

One family makes a papier mache egg and puts it in the children’s Easter baskets.  The egg is simple to make.  Partially blow up a balloon to the size of a duck egg or even larger.  Use it as a papier mache form.  When the base egg is completed, paint the egg in brilliant colors and write the name of the child and the year on the egg.

Another family engages the children helping them to create a papier mache egg for parents and grandparents.  The children love cutting the paper and pasting the layers across the base until an egg shape is recognizable.  The children paint the egg in their favorite colors.  As an added touch if the egg is to be given to relatives, it is easy to paste a picture of the child on the egg.  One parent recently pulled out an old Easter basket that contained all the pictures of her children decoupaged onto individual eggs, one for each year.  The basket and eggs are a major part of her Easter decorations.

One teenager in our family uses her Easter baskets as recepticles for special items.  She can tell anyone who cares to listen exactly how old she was when she received each of the Easter baskets.

Families today need holidays to bring them together, to create a bond and a framework of memories.  Easter baskets and papier mache Easter eggs do not have to be expensive.  The eggs are easy to make.  Regardless of the finished product, the time spent together creating special memories is the true value.

It is not important that Easter baskets cost a fraction of the gifts for other holidays.  What is most important is that the experience will last far longer than any of the gifts.  Memories last forever.  Begin an Easter tradition with your family.

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