Easter Basket for Toddlers: Ideas, Baskets and More

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2 Ladybug Easter Baskets
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Thomas the Train

Elmo Basket

Spider Man

Spongebob Squarepants Soft Easter Basket

Scooby Doo
Plush Easter Basket

Pixar CARS

Easter Bunny Basket
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Pink Bunny

Plush Soccer Ball

Plush, Filled, Ready to Ship

Bountiful Bunny

If there is one age group that loves the idea of the Easter Bunny making his Easter Eve rounds and leaving an Easter basket, it has to be the toddler.  Toddlers are old enough to feel the magic of the moment and young enough to enjoy every minute of it.  As a toddler, the kids are introduced to the perennial Easter egg hunt and of course, the need for an Easter basket.

Easter baskets for kids have been a necessity for years.  However, selecting an age appropriate Easter basket for the toddler has not always been so easy.  In fact, Easter basket ideas for toddlers have plagued parents for as long as the idea of hunting for eggs has been around.

It is important to remember that toddlers need a softer, plush Easter basket rather than a hard straw basket — for safety if for no other reason.  The stuffers need to be age appropriate as well.  Toddlers do not need a basket filled with milk chocolate bunnies and creme filled eggs, although they may enjoy a bit of chocolate.  Most toddlers’ baskets are filled with plush animals or characters the little one can put on his or her bed, making a lasting memory.

Needing Easter basket ideas for toddlers?  Above are our selections for plush Easter baskets that are age appropriate.  Just click the pic to get the details.