Dora Easter Basket and Fillers


Soft Plush Ready to Fill Dora Easter Basket

Dora Easter Basket

The licensed Dora Easter basket is soft, plush, and ready to fill.  Oh, yes!  AND, IN LIMITED SUPPLY

The size is perfect for pre-school age children, even toddlers.  As a plush basket, there is no damage done to the child or basket if the little toddler should take a tumble.

After Easter, parents and kids can find a good use for the basket.




Premade Dora Gift Basket

dora premade Easter basket
The Dora Easter basket is designed to accentuate Dora, not the Easter Bunny.  This is a great gift for the grandparent who may live far away but wants to send a great gift for the Easter holidays.  Any little Dora fan will be smitten with the basket.


  • a coloring fuzzy puzzle,
  • a coloring book,
  • 6 pack crayons,
  • a picture frame paint set and
  • a bubble set that comes with bubble solution, dish and wand.




Dora the Explorer Plastic Eggs

dora easter basket ideasWhat could be cuter than these Dora the Explorer plastic “eggs” designed to hold candy pieces and other small treats.

These little candy holders look just like Dora!  Whether filling them with little bits of candy to hide for the Easter egg hunt or using them as filler in the Easter basket, these little containers are designed to make the little girl smile each time she sees Dora.

There may be a use for them after Easter.  Or, they may be the special prize for the one who finds the most Easter eggs.



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