Chocolate Bunnies for Easter Baskets for Kids and Adults

chocolate bunniesEvery kid and most adults love to find a chocolate Easter Bunny in their Easter baskets.

There are chocolate bunnies and then there are CHOCOLATE BUNNIES!  Whether you prefer the creamy milk chocolate for the kids, dark chocolate — a favorite for grown up kids, or white chocolate bunnies for the bunny lover with a sophisticated taste, there is a chocolate bunny for every Easter basket.

This year rich chocolate bunnies are available.  Why buy those parafin filled bunnies that barely taste like chocolate?  This year why not try a milky chocolate bunny, or the rich flavor of a dark chocolate bunny, or the extra creamy taste of white chocolate?

Make this an Easter basket that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

  • 4 oz. bunny
  • solid premium chocolate
  • handmade
  • wrapped in cellophane with a bow


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