Build a Basket With Easter Baskets, Grass and Accessories

When the kids are a little older and are ready for the straw or plastic Easter baskets, parents (or the Easter Bunny) often decides to create an Easter basket especially for the preschoolers or elementary age children.  They no longer require the soft, plush baskets they had as toddlers.  Instead, they can hunt for eggs with baskets that are sturdy enough for a day of looking for eggs.  The baskets are sturdy enough to carry all the treasures they find.

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Easter Baskets

The 11″ bamboo basket is the most typical of Easter baskets.  They are sturdy enough for the egg hunt and large enough to carry the found eggs.  Inexpensive and colorful, these baskets are ideal for the Easter Bunny who is preparing baskets for several children and a day full of fun.


The plastic Easter basket is perhaps the least expensive of baskets, but still sturdy enough for the big day of hunting eggs.  Also great for filling with all the goodies the Easter Bunny will bring, this is another perfect selection for the family with several children.  Not as rigid as the bamboo baskets, this is a great transition from plush to straw.

Easter Grass

Any Easter Bunny knows that a basket is not complete unless it has some Easter grass.  The first and most common is the green Easter grass.  As kids, we all had green grass in our baskets.  This is still the all time favorite because the solid color shows off the contents of the basket easily.

For the family with several children, using different colors of grass for each basket may be the way to distinguish the baskets.  You know the kids’ favorite colors.  The multicolor Easter grass comes in separate packages.


Easter Bags

Let’s face it, sometimes our kids outgrow the Easter basket.  And, sometimes we need to prepare a “basket” for our parents or grandparents.  Why not select the perfect Easter bag?

What is cuter than the Easter Bunny bag?

Need to prepare for an Easter party?  Instead of handling cumbersome baskets, why not try these fun and colorful Easter bags?  What a great way to deliver Easter candy and treats to the classroom!


Imagine the delight on anyone’s face when they see a Cottontail Bag filled with goodies!  Take a closer look.  The bag is transparent behind the eyes, ears and mouth.  Let the kids see all the goodies in this adorable bag.


Last but not least, our Easter Egg Tote Bag selection is one of our favorites.  This is most perfect for the girls in our lives, from the youngest to our oldest.