Blue Bunny Ring Rattle

blue bunny ring rattle

Baby boy will absolutely love this blue bunny ring rattle.  How cute can it get?

Blue Bunny Ring Rattle Information

This is a stuffed rattle filled with polyester. It is lead free and safe for the little one.  The rattle is about 3.8″ x 2.9″ x 1.8.  There are no parts that can come off the rattle. Features are embroidered. I suggest surface cleaning or possibly mild hand washing. The washing machine will destroy the soft rattle sound.

This is the one little gift the Easter Bunny may overlook.  That’s why we are showing it to you.  Again, this first Easter gift will become a treasured memory, either for Mom or as the baby grows up.  Either way, parents recommend this Easter gift for the baby boy’s first Easter.

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blue baby ring rattle

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