Bearington Duck Plush Easter Basket

bearington duck plush easter basket

For those who like Bearing Bear, this wonderfully soft Bearington Duck Plush Easter Basket is the next step. Ideal for toddlers or youngsters who may have enjoyed the Bearington Bunny last year, the duck is here for a new Easter season.

Young children, especially toddlers who may not be too steady on their feet, will enjoy this plush Easter basket made by Bearington, a name well known among parents.

Bearington Duck Plush Easter Basket:

  • 11 inches high
  • 13.5 inches wide and,
  • 12 inches long

This little basket is large enough to hold Easter eggs on a first Easter hunt. Or, parents can fill the duck with special goodies for delivery by the Easter bunny.

Whatever parents, or the Easter bunny, decide it is important to know that the basket is safe for a toddler to carry. The plush texture will make it excellent for young ones who may take a spill. Parents can allow the youngsters to carry it without fear of getting scratched or poked should the eager little one run and fall.



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