Bearington Bear Bunny Blanket for First Easter

Introduce the newborn to the world and the Easter holidays with this plush Bearington Bear bunny blanket.

Sometimes an Easter basket is not the most appropriate gift for a newborn.  Of course, there is the basket for babies first Easter, but for grandparents or parents who want to add something special to the nursery for the holidays Bearington Bear could be the answer.Bearington Bear Bunny BlanketThis blanket from Bearington Bear is the Wee Cottontail Bunny Blanket.  In pink it is ideal for the little girl’s first Easter.  Something this cute could become a treasure for years to come.

As the little girl grows into a toddler do not be surprised if the Bunny Blanket becomes her best friend.  Part blanket, part plush bunny, this is a perfect first Easter gift.


Easter is notoriously chilly, even when it comes late in the season.  For those times when it arrives in early March parents of newborns are often left to wrap the little one in a blanket for the church outing or when the older children go on an Easter egg hunt.  This plush Bearington Bear bunny blanket will keep the baby warm while showing off the fun side of the holiday.

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