Baby’s First Easter

"My First Easter Basket"

"My First Easter"

First Easter Bunny Booties

First Easter Bunny Beanie

PINK Bearington Bear
Bunny Blanket

Pooh "Baby's 1st Easter"

Easter is the time of renewal and new life.  There is no holiday that celebrates the newborn more appropriately than baby’s first Easter.

The baby’s first Easter is a time for family love and enjoyment.  Whether dressing him or her in the first Easter outfit or selecting a basket or bib, there is a first Easter gift that is suitable for the youngest among us.

The Easter basket for the infant is a special one.  There will be no chocolate bunnies or other candies.  Instead, it should be filled with age appropriate goodies.  However, the Easter basket should indicate that it is baby’s first Easter, as most parents will keep the little basket as a precious memory for years to come.

While the baskets are limited, we have selected our favorite baskets and gifts for the infant on Easter.  Of course, we had help from the Easter Bunny.  The little one may not be familiar with the bunny that delivers the goodies on Easter Eve this year, but in years to come the Easter Bunny will rival Santa for the little one’s wish list.