Baby’s First Easter Bunny from Hallmark

hallmark first easter bunny


If it is baby’s first Easter, this is the perfect first Easter Bunny — from Hallmark.

The small bunny is one that most children will cherish as they grow into toddlers.  Small enough to carry around as the little one begins to crawl or walk, this first Easter bunny is the ideal gift from grandparent Easter Bunnies.

The First Easter Bunny will Last in Forever

Let’s face it, when it is baby’s first Easter, the parents and grandparents want to make sure that the Easter Bunny leaves the baby a gift that he or she will keep for years to come.  Interestingly, I recently was rummaging through a box of “goodies” that had been saved by a relative and in the midst of all the small gifts was a small bunny and a tiny soft basket from her very first Easter.  Needless to say, this cousin had no recollection of receiving either, but did remember the small bunny being a part of her bedroom decor and always in her toy chest as a toddler.  The tears that came to her eyes, some 50+ years later said it all.


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