All Plush Easter Basket for Toddlers

all plush easter basket

This all plush Easter basket is the perfect basket for the little one toddling about. Every item in the basket is soft enough to play with. Early toddlers will be safe with every component of the basket.

All Plush Easter Basket includes:

  • 1 Large Plush Easter Bunny (sewn to the Easter Basket)
  • Easter Basket
  • 1 plush Easter egg (removable from basket)
  • 1 plush chick (removable from basket)

The Bunny is nine inches high and the basket, including the handle is 10.5″ high. The basket opening is 5.5″ and with the chick and egg removed there is plenty of room for other goodies.

If your child or grandchild is just beginning to toddle about or if this is the child’s first Easter egg hunt, this is the ideal basket. Nothing in the basket is hard or can scratch or hurt the toddler if he or she falls while running with the basket.

All components are safe for the youngest of children.

Easter can be lots of fun for the little ones, especially if there are not bumps, bruises or scrapes. The all plush Easter basket and its contents add one more safety component to the coming Easter Sunday.

We find this to be the perfect basket set for the toddler’s first egg hunt.



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