Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (A Pop-Up Adaptation)

alice's adventures in wonderlandWhen the child is quite young, he or she may not be ready for Johnny Depp’s version of the Mad Hatter or the original version of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”.  Introduce the little ones to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with this hard cover pop-up adaptation of Alice and all her encounters.

Kids are enchanted with Alice, the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit from the moment they lay eyes on them.  A great way to introduce the youngest to Alice is through the story as told simply in this pop-up book.  It makes an ideal gift to put into any Easter basket for kids.  Who knows?  The Easter Bunny himself may have made the selection.

The story, although adapted, remains true to the Lewis Carroll story.  What makes this book different is all the pop-ups that appear throughout the story to hold the littlest of imaginations.  Why just read Alice to the little ones when they can enjoy the benefits of touching and seeing extra pop-ups.

Well made and well adapted, this could the be ideal way to keep the little one interested for an afternoon.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland



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