Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Alice in WonderlandWe highly recommend Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for the younger children because of the simple adaptation and the pop-ups included in the book.  However, for the slightly older children who are ready to enjoy the White Rabbit we suggest the Lewis Carroll original version of Alice in Wonderland.

When creating Easter baskets for kids around the Alice in Wonderland theme, beginning with a book is always the smart way to make the introduction.  The children can hold onto the book, help the reader turn the pages, explore the pictures and return time and again to this classic tale.

One parent told us last year that she dressed in the bunny ears as she read the story, part by part, night after night to her children.  Today they love the tale as much as the mother.

Children will love the original version of the story, regardless of how many versions they see on the screen.  Creating an Easter theme, complete with the White Rabbit, can be a fun way to set the tone of the afternoon or evening.



While the movie version of “Alice in Wonderland” may hold the child’s attention, there is nothing so special as a parent or grandparent taking the time to read the story, chapter by chapter, as the little one visualizes the characters.  Movies are great, for sure.  But, that special time shared between parent and child will create a lasting memory.  Just think back to those nights when your mom or dad tucked you in and read to you.  Most of us memorized the lines from the book as if knowing the words would keep the feeling of love shared alive forever.  And, in a way, it did.

Create the same memories of time shared with love between you and your child or grandchild.  These memories will be cherished forever, just as the story of Alice has been.

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