Age Appropriate Easter Baskets

It is certain that children love to wake up on Easter Sunday and rush to the designated place to find a filled Easter basket.  However, with so many Easter baskets for kids to choose from, parents should look for baskets that are age appropriate.  It is not as difficult as it once was.

toddler size Easter baskets for kidsSmall children always want Easter baskets that are larger than they are.  However, parents should remember that if the child is going on an Easter egg hunt on Sunday afternoon, the basket should be of a size that the child can carry with ease.  Perhaps the parents could set up a dropping off point for the brightly painted eggs once the child fills the Easter basket with finds.  The child will not be limited to filling the Easter basket only once.  And, of course, a prize such as a huge chocolate bunny is always appropriate for the child who fills his basket with the most eggs.   Don’t forget the other children!  Whether they have filled their Easter baskets with one or a dozen eggs, a smaller chocolate bunny would be an appropriate reward for them.

Children who are a little older, around school age, may look for a live chick or a live bunny in their Easter baskets.  Only parents can decide if they are prepared for the Easter bunny to deliver a live pet to their children.  Spring is a wonderful time to introduce a pet into the family.  Chicks are often brightly colored at feed stores.  Bunnies with floppy ears are also a favorite.  However, larger Easter baskets are great holding pens for the new puppy.

Teenagers, especially girls, are most fond of finding an Easter basket filled with not only chocolate bunnies but with stuffed animals.  Teenage boys, who often feel they have outgrown the Easter basket, are pleased to find their favorite CD or DVD in the midst of a few chocolate goodies.  As children begin to outgrow the thrill of the Easter bunny delivering Easter baskets, they will help maintain the excitement for the little ones if they find something personal and age appropriate in their baskets.

Even with the youngest child, the “Easter bunny” should consider the contents of the Easter basket.  While milk chocolate bunnies and milk chocolate eggs remain all time favorites, a wise Easter bunny will find other surprises to fill the basket, such as a new book about Easter to be read to the child that night.

The discerning Easter bunny can find just the right Easter basket for your child.

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